Red Cross Sint Maarten

Red Cross St Maarten completes the renovations of the Belvedere’s Senior’s Home

SIMPSON BAY – The Red Cross St. Maarten Board of Directors is pleased to announce the completion of renovations of the seniors’ home which is located in Belvedere. The external and internal repairs and renovations to the Belvedere’s Senior’s Home had been previously delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic earlier this year and was able to resume at the beginning of July, 2020.

In the renovation Red Cross St. Maarten was able to repair the roof, repaint the buildings, replace and refurbish doors & windows, install new cabinets, repair the fence and paint the entrance gate and walkway. The senior’s home is now completely renovated and will provide a more esthetic look for the seniors.

A resident at the Red Cross Senior’s Home standing in front of her newly installed cabinets.

“The seniors are very pleased and excited about the home repairs, renovations, and modifications, and especially the fact that they have remained in their homes during the home repairs and improvements” said the Seniors. All safety precautions were put in place during the indoor repairs, as the seniors were asked to make arrangements for the scheduled date for inside renovation, thus to promote social distancing. “We were extremely happy to do a beautification makeover of the Seniors home inside and outside, and our next phase will be working on our home care program in the near future, which will allow us to continue to do our part in caring for our seniors,” said Red Cross St. Maarten President Nadia Chirlias.

Many, many thanks go out to our sister islands of Curacao and Bonaire whose residents generously raised the funds after Hurricane Irma, and donated it to their respective Red Crosses which was ultimately sent to Red Cross St Maarten who executed the renovation project.

Also, thank you also to the St Maarten Housing Foundation for their cooperation with the process, as well. As a committed leader of disaster risk reduction, and first Aid Care, The Red Cross St. Maarten will continue to address the unmet needs of those impacted by Hurricane Irma, and support community-based recovery services in the affected areas.