Red Cross Sint Maarten


Fruit trees of St Maarten

1. Enzymes found in this fruit are found in latex and the fruit tastes sweet when ripened
2. The word apple is in its name and it comes with a bumpy appearance. The inside is sweet like sugar yum
3. The sap called anime' is used to create perfume and the ripe fruit is often smelly
4. Its nut on the inside tastes like an almond and the wood made from this tree has high water resistance
5. This fruit is fleshy and tasty, comes around once a year, locals never get enough, and it is green growing and ripe
6. This fruit tree attracts the monkeys on St Maarten. It has a juicy stone fruit belonging to the genus Mangifera
7. This fruit may cause neuronal dysfunction, the tree is tolerant to poor soils
8. This fruit was used to make dye and is in the coffee family
9. This is a permaculture plant that improves soil fertility
10. This tree is a member of the palm tree family and has a huge fruit
11. This fruit is also known as rumberry and makes fine liqueur with equisite tastes